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Green Power Supply Ltd. is registered in UK,as its subsidiaritycompany located in Beijing China, is diversified technology company and global manufacturer of DC & AC power supplies and power quality products more than 20 years, with R&D engineers more than 50 people, more than 1000 units per month of production capacity, the designed and manufactured products are widely used more than 30 countries, including Germany, USA, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Chile, Columbia etc., established partner relation with many brands with more than 50 years history, some even longer than 100 years history.

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Why Choose Us
  • 1.Products High Reliability, Europe level quality;
  • 2.First Class Advanced Technology, DSP digital controller;
  • 3.Perfect matching process demand, excellent performance;
  • 4.Competitive price than Europe and USA brands;
  • 5.Easy operation by touch panel, remote PLC control through communication;
  • 6.Quick troubleshooting and repair to shorten stop time;
  • 7.Efficient after sale service, lifelong technical support.
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