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Customer Feedback After Using the Rectifiers

1. United Kingdom: Zinc Electroplating Plant with 3000A 8V and 1000A 8V for Rack line and Barrel line. Good Performance and High Reliability Rectifier.

Zinc Electroplating Plant.jpg

2. Argentina: Cooperting with us since 2011 for IGBT Rectifier 3000A 12V, Rectifier 5000A 12V, saving electricity bills.

IGBT Rectifier .jpg

3. Canada: Power Supply Works Great. Need More.

Power Supply.jpg

4. Columbia: Power Supply performance is absolutely brilliant.

Power Supply.jpg

5. India: Really Satisfied with our Power Supply performance for chrome plating tank.

chrome plating.jpg

6. Iran: impressed with our rectifier performace for electroplating. Ruggedness, Speed service, energy saving. SCR gives them hard time for plating.

rectifier for electroplating..jpg

7. Mexico: DC 60V Rectifiers work perfectly.


8. Hungary: Rectifier works perfectly.


9. ColumbiaWe are very very pleased with the rectifier performance.

   Absolutely brilliant.


    It's really well beyond our expectations"