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Large Family Of Silicon Industry Chain - Silicone Oil / Emulsion
Dec 23, 2017

Silicone oil / emulsion

Silicon oil is a class of linear organosilicon polymer with Si-O-Si as the main chain and side chain with organic groups. It is widely used in textile, daily chemical, mechanical processing, chemical, electronic and electrical, medical and health industries. Usually silicone oil keeps the liquid state at room temperature. As the molecular weight increases, the viscosity is also increased, so the viscosity is an important physical index of silicone oil. At present, the common commercial silicone oil has methyl silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, phenyl silicone oil, methyl phenyl silicone oil, methyl hydrogen containing silicone oil, polyether modified silicone oil and so on. Commonly known as the product of the silicone oil can be used directly as a product, and silicone oil as raw materials or additives, adding thickening agent, surfactant, solvent, fillers and various performance improver, after a specific process to prepare composite emulsion and solution, and other products, known as the two processed products of silicon oil