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Large Family Of Silicon Industry Chain - Metal Silicon
Dec 23, 2017

Metal silicon

  Silicon metal and industrial silicon or silicon, usually in the furnace in the reduction of carbon dioxide and prepared. Its main use is as the additive of non iron base alloy and the starting material for producing silicon and organosilicon. In 2016, the production of metal silicon in China reached 2 million 150 thousand tons, and the average domestic start rate was 46.7%. The main domestic silicon metal enterprises such as Sheng silicon industry, Hubei Sanxin silicon industry, Siziwangqi Jia Hui, Yunnan silicon industry Yongchang silicon industry, Tianfu silicon industry, Jingxin silicon industry etc.. As the production of metal silicon needs to consume a large amount of energy, the cost of energy accounts for more than 50% of the total cost. Therefore, the metal silicon enterprises in China are concentrated in the southwest region of rich hydropower resources, or in the northwest and northeast regions of low price power resources.