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Large Family Of Silicon Industry Chain -Microsilica
Dec 23, 2017


Silicon micro powder is an amorphous (non crystalline) polycrystalline of silicon dioxide. Generally speaking, 1 tons of silicon per production can be produced by 0.3-0.5 tons of silicon micro powder. Silicon powder is sometimes confused with gas phase white carbon black. The average particle size of silica microparticles is 150 nm, 100 times smaller than that of cement particles, and the specific surface area is 15~30 m2 / g, while the original particle size of gaseous silica is only about 5~7 nm, and the specific surface area is as high as 150~300 square meters / gram. The main application field of silicon micro powder is as the reinforcing filler of high performance concrete, especially to improve its comprehensive strength, bond strength and wear resistance. After adding silicon micro powder, the permeability of chloride ion to concrete can be reduced and the reinforcement in concrete is prevented from corroding. In addition, silicon micro powder is also widely used in the fields of ceramics and refractories.