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Large Family Of Silicon Industry Chain -Monosilane And Silicone
Dec 23, 2017


Monosilane is a colorless gas, the other name is four hydrogenated silicon and silane, which can self ignite and release dense white amorphous silica smoke. According to the purity of monosilane can be divided into industrial grade and electronic grade and electronic grade is mainly used in integrated circuits, flat screen TV, solar cells and other industries; the main use of industrial grade is used as a skeleton structure, a polysilicon, silicon oxide and silicon nitride materials such as chlorine and chlorine alkyl silane monomer of single silane.


Silicone resin is a polyorgano siloxane with highly cross-linked network structure. It has dual properties of organic resin and inorganic material, and has unique physical and chemical properties. Silicone resin as main insulation paint (including varnish, enamel, paint, varnish impregnated H etc.) motor and transformer coil, and used impregnated glass cloth, glass cloth and asbestos cloth made of motor casing, electrical insulation winding etc.. In addition, anticorrosive coating silicone resin can also be used as heat resistance, weatherability, metal protective coating, building waterproof coatings, demoulding agent, adhesive and two processed into silicone plastic, used in electronics, electrical and defense industry, as the semiconductor packaging material and electronic and electrical silicon resin according to its main purpose and crosslinking way can be roughly divided into the silicone insulation paint, silicone coatings, silicone plastic and silicone adhesives and other categories. Silicone resin processing additives have unique flexibility and compatibility, and have become the key components in the production of paper pulp and life paper.