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Large Family Of Silicon Industry Chain - Functional Silane
Dec 23, 2017

Functional silane

Functional silane and silicone rubber, silicone oil and silicone resin and silicone material known as four categories; from the structure, usually will be the backbone for the silicone small molecular -Si-O-C- structure called functional silane, and the backbone for the small molecule intermediates and polymer molecular structure of -Si-O-Si- is generally called siloxane, namely silicon rubber, silicone oil and silicone products; from the point of the function, functional silane for the hybrid structure, the majority of products containing both polar and nonpolar two kinds of functional groups in the same molecule, can be used as the interface bridge of inorganic and organic materials or directly involved in the cross-linking reaction of organic polymer materials, thereby significantly improve material properties. China has become the largest functional silane production, export and consumption country in the world. The total effective capacity in 2016 is about 351 thousand tons / year, the output is about 199 thousand tons, and the consumption is 138 thousand tons. The main production enterprises are Hubei new blue sky, Jingzhou Jianghan, Jiangxi Hongbo, Nanjing dawning and so on.

Fumed silica

Widely used in various industries, mainly used as rubber reinforcing agent, plastic filling agent, ink thickening agent, soft metal polishing agent, thermal insulating filler, decoloring agent, flatting agent, senior cosmetics packing and spraying materials, medicine, environmental protection and other fields, and for the development of related industry fields provide new materials the foundation and technical guarantee. Because of its specific function in magnetic, catalytic, optical absorption, thermal resistance and melting point compared with conventional materials, it has attracted much attention.