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PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis Convertor DC DC 8000A 580V 4.64MW

PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis Convertor DC DC 8000A 580V 4.64MW
Our DC DC Convertor 4.64MW is used for PV Solar system for water electrolysis to produce hydrogen. Renewable energy in a good use. Professional technical solution with rather high quality for you by our strong engineering team.
Product Details:

1.Working Principle of Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen generation from solar system.


Working Principle of Solar Hydrogen System Solar Electrolysis System for Hydrogen Generation, Green Power

2. Green Power Hydrogen Rectifier Advantages

3. Rich experience in high power DC DC Convertor and AC DC Rectifier, onsite work available.

Below picture for your reference: 

MW Project

4. Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis Convertor Main Parameter:

Parameter NameParameter
Input voltageDC
Rated output power10kW-5MW
Rated output DC voltageCustom design
Rated output DC currentCustom design
Output DC current rangeDC 0-100%
Transformer cooling Dry type(air cooled)
Insulation gradeB
Transformer installation placeIndoor, inside or outside of power supply cabinet
Transformer Adopt top quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet 
with high permeability and low loss
Tap changerAvailable
Circuit configuration3 phase bridge or double star
Output pulse6 pulse or 12 pulse
Whole system efficiency ≥90% 
Power factor≥0.9 at rated output
Constant current accuracy≤±0.5%
Constant voltage accuracy≤±0.5%
Control modeConstant current, constant voltage
Current Ripple≤5%
Harmonics TDHiCustom design
Cooling methodWater cooled or forced air cooling
HMIColor touch panel
Remote control interfaceRS485, Profibus, Profinet
ProtectionsGrounding detection and grounding fault alarm
Thyristor RC snubber
Fast action fuses
Over heat
Output over voltage
Output over current
Water pressure
Water temperature
PaintingPowder coating
Protection GradeIP44 for water cooling, IP32 for air cooling
or custom design
Mechanical StructureDivided into power compartment and control compartment
Input from top, output from side, water interface from side
If customer has requirement, please mention with order
Main power
Metal cabinet

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