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                                      Green Power Introduction

Plasma Torch Generation Using GP IGBT DC Power Supply

Induction Heating Testing using GP 50kW Power Supply

     1000A 2000A 12V Air Cooling Modular IGBT Rectifier

     20kA 12V Water Cooling IGBT Rectifier and Testing

       IGBT Rectifier Testing and Touch Panel Operation

    +/-1000A 40V Polarity Reversing IGBT Rectifier Testing

                        IGBT Test Steps for Rectifier 

                        Diode Test  Steps for Rectifier  

IGBT Phase shifted pwm can regulate from 0 to 100% of load 

and request is to adjust from exat zero volt for rectifier

Our Bitcoin Mining Farm Power Supply has widely used in the world. 

Professional solution for you.

Green Power IGBT rectifier used for Cryptocurrency mining equipment

 in Russia