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How Rectifier Chooses Water Cooling Or Air Cooling?
Jun 14, 2018

1).Water cooling Rectifier:水冷.png


A. Less maintenance needed

B.cheaper cost;

C.better cooling effect under high ambient temperature, up to 50℃;

D.better cooling effect for high power rectifier;

E.cabinet sealed, suitable for corrosive environment;

F.smaller size.


need yourself to prepare cooling water or we could provide water chiller together on request.

风冷.png2)Forced air cooling Rectifier:


A.convenient use,needn't extra work on the cooling system;

B.suitable for low power rectifier


A.price higher than water cooling.

B.cooling effect is not as good as water cooling under very high ambient temperature above 40℃.

C.if rectifier is put very close to electroplating or anodizing bath, the acid corrosive gas may damage inner parts of rectifier and affect the reliability. 

Like some special environments and sub-tropical climate areas, such as electroplating or anodizing bath environment corrosive, we generally recommend water cooling rectifier.

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