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Monocrystalline Silicon Crystal Material For Solar Power Plant
Feb 21, 2018

Besides the Czochralsky process of monocrystalline silicon crystal growing and the ingot casting process, various similar processes of crystal growing are used to produce wafers in an economical manner. The main focus is on the finished products, which need wafers either in electronic grade or in solar grade purity. For solar grade wafers applies more than ever a highly profi table, reliable and reproducible production – due to the requirements of the high competitive renewable energies market.

Mono crystal silicon is widely used for PV solar power application. Green Power Dule IGBT power supply is to provide DC power supply for production of the silicon. Use as single crystal grower furnace bottom heater power supply and side heater power supply, using graphite heater with high temperature to melt poly crystalline silicon material which was kept in quartz crucible; then put seed into silicon liquid and grow single crystal silicon by CZ process in accordance with automatic programs.

crystal ingot growth steps.PNG

Solar power.png

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